I’ve been musing over my observations of how some people seem to see situations as they unfold or as they are whilst others see nothing at all and actually fight truths spoken by others, appearing to perceive things in a totally different way and actually holding onto these strongly held perceptions (‘perception’ is reality, as they say).  It’s a very interesting thing.

Why is it that one person can see more than another in a situation, or do we all see the same with some turning away from what doesn’t suit their ideology or beliefs. It is a very interesting phenomena. I’m sure you’ve experienced this in some way yourself, for example – who hasn’t had a particular relationship where they have been ‘blinded by love’ and with the love goggles on you have seen things so differently and totally contrary to perhaps your caring others; it must be so difficult for those around us who see what’s happening but just can’t get through…primarily these are times when we are living in extremely emotional states – riding the rollercoaster. 

I had a friend once who was brave enough to invite me to stay for a few days to provide comfort and to give me a break away from it all…there were tears, heartache and confusion.  I was looping trying to understand the situation, which of course was very clear to my friend but what happens when we try to hold on (and there are many reasons that we do this) is that all rational thinking flies out the window limiting our ability to see situations in empowering ways. 

Scenario: In talking with my friend about trying to understand my (new) partners behaviour in why he was telling me that he didn’t use “fake book”, as a result of questioning why he hadn’t accepted my friend request when I had deduced that he was accepting other friend requests (one was actually another friend of mine!). My friend very gently asked me what I would say to her if someone had actually said and done the same thing to her.  I ruminated of course in that moment but the truth didn’t stick on me and it did take me many months to accept the truth of the situation and move on – it was an absolute ‘mind’ field.

There are many reasons why we we choose not to accept situations and the reasons are vast and many.  Life in itself is all about the journey and that journey moves in different stages and in different ways for us all.  The question is, do we choose to turn away from truth or does truth elude those that are not yet ready to see.  Stay vigilant, honour yourself always and show courage in your life so that your growth flows as it should . 

"One cannot un-see what has already been seen".