When we look at our lives through a spiritual lens we focus on aspects that may be affecting our human spirit or soul. Asking deep life-centred questions can enable us to deepen our connections with others, experience increased compassion and empathy, develop our interconnectedness and more. In living a spiritual life, we come to understand ourselves and others better in turn finding greater peace and joy.

Jacinta – Spiritual Coach is a philosophically based practice with a focus on exploring magical elements within life flow and how they interact and impact on who we are as individuals, our level of happiness and sense of fulfilment and the levels of success that we achieve in our lifetime – this is the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

We take a creative approach to life and spirituality with the primary intention of holding space for you to more fully explore who you are and to create new pathways of exploration. We work with you with a focus on mind, body and energy – whether you are stuck, at the fork in the road – in career, relationships, or even life itself or whether you just need the ear of wisdom and an unbiased sounding board to talk through life’s challenges. 

Investing in a Spiritual Coach will help bring a focus to your individual challenges by identifying and shifting your inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block your success. By talking through your challenges will provide a process to connect your inner purpose and passion with outer goals and strategies to achieve extraordinary and sustainable success.

As you change your thoughts and feelings an energy change is experienced throughout your body. These energetic shifts create vibrations that may impact upon moods, confidence and your physical body. A Spiritual Coach can help you to balance, revitalise and heal your mind, body and spirit through in-depth sessions that go to the heart of your lived experience.

With a focus on loving the best part of who you are, you will have the opportunity to connect with your whole self – this act of self-love will bring feelings of happiness, joy, and a sense of fulfilment with oneself, others, and life. 

Service Offering:

1:1 Coaching Session
1:1 Session
 $125 | 50mins 

Do you need help with:
Life Transition
Mind Loop
Self Care
If you’d like support to lighten the load, I can help.

Shifting (Reposition) Circles
Shifting Circles
$35 | 60 mins

A dedicated space for like-minded people to come together to continue their journey of moving energy through mind and body, experiencing magical shifts in self and life opportunities  

Retreats | Relaxing, Reconnecting, Relaunching
Relaxing, Reconnecting, Relaunching

Coming soon 4-5 day and/or 7-11 day sensory immersion retreats

Home-Stay | Nurture Program
Book Club

A good book can be a powerful tool for transformation, if you let it.  It can open your mind to new inspiriting, motivating, and rousing information that if embraced can help you think, dream and live life in new and wonderful ways.  

Workshop / Webinar

Educational and self-development workshops and webinars to open and expand the mind to life’s possibilities through mind, body and energy care modalities.

Programs / Courses

3-month program of educational material to aid personal self-discovery to own and make changes for life enhancement.  Includes targeted 1:1 (15min) monthly coaching sessions.