We live in a time where our expectations of job satisfaction have become increasingly more important to our mental, emotional and physical health and we look for work that is intellectually and emotionally rewarding and that we feel adds value.

It takes a brave soul to choose to live according to their internal barometer – with who they see themselves as, or who’d they’d like to be.  We have a right to live authentically and true and when we do life has a way of working with us to bring us our hearts desire – the biggest hurdle is to decide to make new and exciting choices.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with the grind of the 9-5, in a role that just is cutting it for you anymore, or perhaps you’re seeking greater purpose and meaning in life, then it’s time to explore alternative options and take some risks to work towards that which makes your heart sing…what does your song sound like?!

As a spiritual coach, I ask the right questions to help you uncover your passions and talents and how you might explore opportunities within current or new markets…paths taken vary widely and can be entirely unexpected.

Stage One:
Commitment to Change

Stage Two:
Commitment to a New Vocation / Career

Stage Three:
Official Launch or Start Date

Stage Four:
Casting Off One’s Old Self