All life is – energy, frequency, vibration

This 16-min YouTube video is worth watching to start the journey in understanding the world we live in:

Celestine Vision

I can’t claim to be the visionary of the 12 affirming life-insights, that credit goes to James Redfield. They are not profound in their statement however they certainly are sage in their guidance – as follows: If you are interested in exploring the insights in more detail, I recommend you reading the following two books: […]

Birthing the New

Endings, Beginnings, Change, Transformation, Transition Experiencing death can be incredibly painful; heart wrenching, body numbing, a pervading and pulsating ache. Death can illuminate lost opportunity, can spotlight behavioural shortcomings and have you grieving for the person you never dared to allow yourself to be. To ‘seek out’ death is to dive into the shadow-self, the […]

Mindful Living

I wrote a small piece on mindful living some time ago that was published in Living Now – The message I shared is still as relevant today.

Self Love

I’ve never truly loved myself – I don’t believe; I’m confident and courageous so no one would ever really know but, there are times when I haven’t even been able to look myself in the mirror (and if I’m honest, even at times – now!). I actually can’t even remember the last time I did […]

Trust (yourself first!)

With the continuing advent of advanced technology and the creation and proliferation of perspectives peddled using specially manufactured imagery and associated messaging it certainly can be a challenge to discern what is real – how do we know what and who we can trust? To understand the world around us and to move within it […]