I can’t claim to be the visionary of the 12 affirming life-insights, that credit goes to James Redfield. They are not profound in their statement however they certainly are sage in their guidance – as follows:

  • 1st Insight ~ A Critical Mass ie Noticing Synchronicity
  • 2nd Insight ~ The Longer Now ie The World has a Spiritual Design
  • 3rd Insight ~ A Matter of Energy (giving, the Karmic Design)
  • 4th Insight ~ The Struggle for Power (Human Control Dramas)
  • 5th Insight ~ The Message of the Mystics ie the Spiritual Connections
  • 6th Insight ~ Clearing the Past (Sensing a Life Mission)
  • 7th Insight ~ Engaging the Flow ie Following Your Intuition
  • 8th Insight ~ The Interpersonal Ethic ie giving energy increases our synchronistic experiences
  • 9th Insight ~ The Emerging Culture (Fulfilling Human Destiny)
  • 10th Insight ~ Holding the Vision
  • 11th Insight ~ Extending Prayer Fields (don’t let the term frighten you, this simply refers to the precise method through which we hold our vision)
  • 12th Insight ~ The Hour of Decision

If you are interested in exploring the insights in more detail, I recommend you reading the following two books:

Book 1 ~ Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Book 2 ~ Tenth Insight by James Redfield