To create something new, we need to combine a clear intention – a function of the brain and the mind – with an elevated emotion – which requires our hearts to move into balance and order. We learn how to feel the emotion before it happens … and that’s a skill we can practice.

This means we don’t wait for healing to happen before we feel grateful. We don’t wait for a new relationship to come before we feel love. We don’t wait for wealth before we feel abundance. That’s the old model of reality; of cause and effect – of matter trying to change matter.

When we combine and sustain these two elements – the clear intention; the elevated emotion – the coherence in the brain and the heart act like a Wi-Fi signal. We’re in a broadband spectrum of frequency and energy that causes us to feel connected to something. 

In this state of connectivity, we’re no longer trying to get something done – or waiting for something in our outer world to change. If we can feel the feelings before the experience happens, we aren’t looking for something we want – because we feel like it’s already happened. 

Now, we don’t have to go anywhere to get what we want. Somehow, out of nowhere, it seems to come to us. And those moments are moments of awakening.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece has been written by, Dr Joe Dispenza and has been shared for your information.