Life is not about the pursuit of perfection but of holding a high-standard for ourselves and what we allow into our mind, body and energy field.

  • Breathe – breathe long and slow into your tummy, this aids the autonomic nervous system and communicates to the body that it is safe [personally I have experienced in my life numerous ‘pain-body’ and severe adrenal fatigue which is as a result of prolonged stressors – we think we’re doing ok in life, until we’re not – this is that ol fight-flight-freeze response]
  • Drink Water (duh!) – water aids the detoxification and the filtration of elimination work done by the body [you need to make sure the water is in its purest form, if you can’t invest in a suitable filtering system please consider the company that is selling the water and what their ethical considerations are i.e. you want to make sure no nasties are being added to your water]
  • Eat Whole, Real Food (another, duh!) – your body has the enzymes to break down good food to provide your cells with the right nutrients for optimal health [but how many of us actually consider this when we are eating our food]
  • Of course, there is much more we need to do…and I will be updating this post in due course.